Beautiful hand-painted gingerbread figurines in various designs, with the addition of spices, honey, almonds, orange peel and all the finest flavors of Christmas. There are so many of them, that you can give a gift to anyone who is close to your heart. We created it for the love of the traditional family Christmas and gifts that say what is most important.

  Santa Claus, 8/12 cm  Angel, 13,5/7 cm  
Elf, 13/7 cm
Snowmen, 12/9 cm   Glass ball, 10/11 cm House, 14/11 cm
 Devil, 9/11 cm

Reindeer, 10/11 cm

Socks – 2 pcs, 9,5/7cm each
Angel, 13/8 cm Christmas tree, 11/10 cm Parchment „Merry Christmas”, 10,5/8 cm
Bell, 14/11 cm Star, 9 cm diameter Reindeer, 14/14 cm
Snowmen, 12/9,5 cm House, 12/13/14 cm  Christmas mix, 5 pcs
Big Christmastree 15/11,5 cm
 Gnome, 9/7 cm  Sleigh 15/11 cm