Children’s Day

We are very grateful to the children for the joy they share with us. They have the most beautiful and authentic way to enjoy a variety of shapes of gingerbreads. They also love the delicious taste based on wholemeal flour and natural bee honey. Our gingerbreads not only look beautiful, but are also very tasteful and so soft that anyone, even a child, can enjoy them with pleasure.

Heart „Children’s Day”, 11/10,5 cm

Locomotive, 11,5/9 cm

House, 8/10 cm

Hare head, 9,5/11,5 cm

Hare, 9/9,5 cm

Gingerbreadman, 9/10,5 cm

Boy, 9/10,5 cm

Girl, 9/10,5 cm

Flower, 2 x 5,5 cm

Bat, 10/6 cm

Butterfly, 7,5/8,5 cm

Ghost, 11/11 cm

Teddy – about 10,5/15 cm

Horse – about 12,5/10,5 cm

Apple – about 11,5/11 cm