Valentine’s Day

How I feel about you you can see every day in my smile, hear in my words, feel in the care and sensitivity that surrounds you. Every gesture and all the time spent together tells you about my love. In this special day I give you a gift straight from the heart, full of aromatic content in the enchanted hand-made treat.

Heart „I love You”, 11/10,5 cm

Heart, 11/10,5 cm

Big heart, 19/18 cm

Big heart „I love You”, 19/18 cm

Connected hearts, 9/6,5 cm

Lips, 11/6 cm

Angel with heart, 13/8 cm

Teddy, 10,5/15 cm

Parchment „I love You”, 10,5/8 cm

We can also make gingerbreads with inscriptions on your request.