Wedding gingerbreads

The wedding day is the most beautiful and the most magical day that awaits a lifetime. In the preparation of the feast and live our loved ones are with us, who often roam kilometers long that at this time to be with us and enjoy our joy. Take care, that they brought with them a scrap of happiness honeymooners!

Bride and groom

Hundred Years!

Thanks for Parents

Heart with initials


Szczecin gingerbread with decorations is a great enrichment bridal wedding feast.

– small gingerbread with the wedding date and initials you can put on the saucer each guest (this will be for him / her a beautiful souvenir!)

– gingerbread can be used as a card with the visitor’s name on the table

– large richly decorated heart (or two joined hearts) you can give parents – we draw on them beautiful thanks!

– shaped gingerbread bride and groom wonderfully decorate and distinguish your place at the table