Enjoy a unique workshop on decorating gingerbread with traditional manual methods. This is a great idea for a unique and creative spending of time and lerning the interesting history of the city of Szczecin.

Workshops are organized for various groups in different places, depending on the occasion and needs. If you want to make an interesting and creative lesson eg. during the christmas season, please contact us – we will visit your school and the children will certainly long remember this gingerbread adventure. Each participant will receive a commemorative gingerbread with materials about Szczecin Gingerbread. Participants listen to interesting stories, learn why just in Szczecin people began to produce gingerbread and what the traditions associated with it before the war, how is the icing to decorate made, how a cake is prepared and will apply in practice the techniques of decoration with the help of an instructor.

Our workshops may involve both – decoration of traditional Szczecin shapes (this is about the current year) and the occasional gingerbread (especially Christmas and Easter).

We encourage you to have fun!