Women’s Day

How to make a gift and wishes become unique? We know it! Each of our gingerbreads is unique – baked and decorated in 100% handmade. Just as you can’t meet two identical women, you will not find two identical gingerbreads, though each of them enchants with individual beauty. Thanks to the extraordinary talent of our decorators, we can also offer something special – the gingerbreads with the name of the lady who receives this unique gift.

Heart with name, 11/10,5 cm

Heart „Women’s Day”, 11/10,5 cm

Big heart with name, 19/18 cm

Big heart „ Women’s Day”, 19/18 cm

Parchment with name, 10,5/8 cm

Parchment „Women’s Day”, 10,5/8 cm

Lips, 11/6 cm

Angel with heart, 13/8 cm

Teddy, 10,5/15 cm

Parchment „I love”, 10,5/8 cm

Connected hearts, 9/6,5 cm

We can also make gingerbreads with inscriptions on your request.