Traditional patterns of Szczecin

The history and identity of Szczecin from a very distant past is connected with the sea, as well as the history of baking Szczecin’s Gingerbreads. Thanks to the port, the availability of spices and other raw materials this beautiful tradition could be born and nurtured here. That’s why our finest and most prestigious models are associated with the sea and the architecture of Szczecin.

Anchor, 14/12 cm Ship, 15,5/13 cm Sailor, 10/12,5 cm
Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes, 9 cm Gate, 9 cm Tower, 9 cm
Fish, 12,5/6 cm Octopus, 11,5/10,5 cm Sailing boat, 8,5/11 cm
Castle clock, 9 cm Sailing ship, 19,5/18,5 cm Church, 20,5/28,5 cm
Griffin, 20,5/28,5 cm Gate, 20/23 cm Monument, 20,5/28,5 cm